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Ph. קרדיט: רן שטיינר



Topic of her lecture at the Night of philosophy 2023:

בית הישג | שד' רוטשילד 46

מרי אזרחי, התנגדות ומהפכה 
עם חמי בן נון | אורי רוטלוי
מנחה : נוה פרומר

Orphée Senouf-Pilpoul is a Ph.D. candidate at Tel Aviv University's School of Cultural Sciences, where she focuses on feminist and contemporary critical theory. Under Dr. Orly Lubin's guidance, she examines the public acceptance of women's stories as truth claims, in light of #MeToo and the seemingly new regime of "post-truth". Orphée serves as the Vice Head at the Magnus Hirschfeld Research Institute, part of IGY, the LGBT+ Youth Organization. She is also a research fellow in the Azrieli humanities program.

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