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Ph. איתן ידגר

Dr. Ori Rotlevy

Topic of his lecture at the Night of Philosophy in Israel 2023:

בית הישג  | שד' רוטשילד 46 
מרי אזרחי, התנגדות ומהפכה  

חמי בן נון | אורפה סנוף-פלפול

מנחה : נוה פרומר


Dr. Ori Rotlevy is a scholar of political philosophy, ethics and critical theory. He teaches at the program for Philosophy, Science and Digital Culture and at the International B.A. in Liberal Arts at Tel Aviv University. Among his recent publications:  Askesis and Critique: Foucault and Benjamin in Foucault Studies; Barricades: Between Resistance and Revolution in Critical Horizons.

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