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Yoel Botvinik
יואל בוטביניק

Collective SAF

Ph. Yoel Botvinik - collectif Saf ©Ailon Glitz 

Topic of his lecture at the Night of Philosophy in Israel 2021:

נוסטלגיה כתקוות העתיד
With Ari Ben Arie
In Hebrew

Master’s degree student in the Program for Cultural Studies at the Hebrew University, graduate of the Shalem College’s Outstanding Program in Philosophy and Jewish Thought. Yoel is a content manager, producer, DJ, and lecturer dealing with the encounter between critical theory, technology and communication. His research traces Glitch Art and various media disruption movements as expressions of political opposition. Yoel is a founding member and editor of “Saf” – a digital magazine that publishes articles, podcasts and video lectures on contemporary culture and critical theory.


Saf is a digital magazine that aspires to provide a platform for new and creative ways of thinking about the present moment, especially those rooted in the encounter between contemporary culture and critical theory. Our purpose is to encourage intellectual and critical studies, yet maintain an accessible and up-to-date discourse which brings together activism, art, and theory. Our website offers articles, podcasts, video lectures, and translations.

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