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Ph. Yossi Sucary ©Liat Federman

Yossi Sucary

Author and cultural crittic

Topic of his lecture at the Night of Philosophy in Israel 2021:

ספרות מול העולם
With Nir Baram
In Hebrew

An Israeli author and lecturer of Philosophy at various academic institutions. Yossi received exclusive literature prizes and his books are being taught at universities in Israel. His last book Bengazi - Bergen-Belzen was chosen by the Ministry of Education to be part of the holocaust studies. Yossi is highly ranked for his teaching skills among his students. Recently, the play Benghazi Bergen-Belsen based on Yossi Sucary's novel, was presented at La Mama Theater in NYC. Yossi is invited to lectures in leading Universities worldwide.

Literature Prizes

  • Brenner Prize for Hebrew Literature, 2014

  • Prime Minister Prize for Hebrew Literature, 2015

  • The Washington Israeli Institute Prize, 2015


Published Books

  • Emilia and the Salt of the Earth, Bavel, 2002

  • Miklator, Yediot Aharonot, 2005

  • Romantically Incorrect, Hargol, 2009

  • The Possibility, Le Pense de Midi, French Magazin, 2010

  • Bengazi – Bergen-Belzen, Am Oved, 2014


Lecturer of Philosophy

  • Bezalel, Art Academy, Jerusalem

  • HIT, Holon Institute of Technology

  • Beer Sheva University, Elishar Institure

  • College of Management, School of Communication, Rishon Le Zion

  • Minshar, Art Academy, Tel Aviv

  • Camera Obscora, School of the Arts, Tel Aviv

Focuses on the Continental Philosophy of the 19th and 20th century

The main philosophers that are being taught: Marx, Heideger, Sartre, Vitgenstein


Guest Lecturer

  • Edinburgh University

  • University of Toronto

Talks about Benghazi Bergen Belzen and the holocaust of the North African Jews


  • 1995 -1999: Masters Studies in the Cohen Institute for History and Philosophy of science, Tel Aviv University

  • 1981-1985: BA, School of Philosophy, Tel Aviv University

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