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Seminar in Continental


In the summer of 2006, the Seminar in Continental Philosophy was launched at Tel Aviv University. The Seminar has been running for 15 years in the geographic and cultural scene of Tel Aviv and provides a platform for academic researchers to meet and deliberate over the current place and time. The Seminar seeks to advance contemporary  continental philosophy, especially French philosophy, to reach audiences outside the academic sphere and to be a podium for open discussion. The Seminar members believe that Continental Philosophy offers a unique perspective on the assortment of challenges and problems facing Israeli society.

The Seminar has a commitment to critical thinking and to local questions. This commitment serves as the ground for an open discourse for its members and audience. In 2017, the journal Notebooks in Continental Philosophy was inaugurated, providing an academic publication in Hebrew to current French philosophy and contemporary continental thought. The first issue, “The Disaster and Promise”; the second, “Thinking About the Present.” A third issue is forthcoming.

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