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Ph.D. candidate, University of Haifa

Bucerius Institute for Research of Contemporary German History and Society Department of Jewish History

Topic of her lecture at the Night of philosophy 2021:

מכון בוצריוס לחקר ההיסטוריה והחברה הגרמנית בת זמננו:
אתגרים ועתיד הדמוקרטיה
Moderator: Dr. Cedric Cohen-Skalli

With Hovav Akiva-Cohen et Niv Perelsztejn
In Hebrew

Silvana Kandel Lamdan is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Haifa. Under the supervision of Dr. Cedric Cohen Skalli, she is working on the topic: “The Jewish Roots of Latin American Liberation Theology.” Silvana is especially interested in the interchange between theory and praxis, philosophy, religion and politics, and the way in which ideas shape reality or drive people to activism. In this sense, she finds the dialogue between Jewish political thought and Christian theology, especially in the convulsing twentieth century, a fruitful platform to explore the scope and possibilities of both.

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