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Sapir Academic College

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School of Audio & Visual Arts


Sapir's College School of Audio and Visual Arts is an artistic hub, equipped with the best teachers and filmmakers in Israel, who offer a dynamic and vibrant environment. Located in the Western Negev, rich in its inspiring landscapes, people, stories, and historical encounters. As a high-quality academic institution, the School has national and international reputation for cinematic excellence. It provides the broadest range of audio and screen arts studies in Israel, including: filmmaking, screen acting, TV, animation, music composition and soundtrack design.

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Cinema South International Film Festival


Sapir's School of Audio and Visual Arts, launched in 2001, the Cinema South Film Festival in collaboration with the Sderot Cinematheque. It has grown from a small event that screened student films to a weeklong international film festival. The region's leading cultural event, Cinema South it is the only film festival in the western Negev, Israel's southern periphery in close proximity to the Gaza border. Annually, some 20,000 people participate in movie screenings, music performances and events on Sapir's campus, at the Sderot Cinematheque and in local communities.

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