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Noa Haliva

Government and diplomacy student and one of the national Students' Protest leaders against the judicial reforms

Topic of her lecture at the Night of Philosophy in Israel 2023:

מרפסת המכון הצרפתי בתל אביב | רוטשילד 7 – קומה 3

אין דמוקרטיה בלי אקדמיה: נקודת המבט של הסטודנטיות.ים
עם נדב זלצברגר | תמר אפק | שרה יצחקי
מנחה: עינת מיטל


Noa Haliva is a government and diplomacy student at Reichman University and one of the founders of the Students' Protest opposing judicial reform. Noa is an active Jump Master (Parachuting Instructor) reservist who participated in the "Lightning of the Heavens" delegation. She was born and raised in Tel Aviv, passionate about politics and extreme sports and is also a strategic planner at McCann Advertising Company.  

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