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Prof. Martin Saar

Professor of social philosophy

at the Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main

Topic of his lecture at the Night of Philosophy in Israel 2021:

"Democratic Vistas" Group
Do Democracies Need the Non-Political?
With Sophie Loidolt, Aliénor Ballange, Johannes Voelz
In English

Martin Saar is professor of social philosophy at the Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main, an affiliated member of the social science department, a principal investigator of the research center "Normative Orders“ and a member of the council and of the steering committee of the Institute for Social Research.


He has taught in Bremen, Hamburg, Berlin, New York and Leipzig. His areas of specialization and teaching refer to contemporary political and social philosophy and the history of early modern and modern political thought with a special focus on Spinoza, Nietzsche, Marx, Foucault, Critical Theory, Post-structuralism, and interdisciplinary research on collective memory, affect, ideology, democracy and power).


He is the author of Genealogie als Kritik. Geschichte und Theorie des Subjekts nach Nietzsche und Foucault (Campus, 2007) and Die Immanenz der Macht. Politische Theorie nach Spinoza (Suhrkamp, 2013, 2. ed. 2019).

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