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Dr. Marom Barzilay

Ben Gurion University

My main area of research is Continental philosophy, especially, phenomenology and existentialism. My doctoral dissertation dealt with Nietzsche. The study examined Nietzsche’s entire philosophy from both a synchronous aspect and a diachronic aspect. It analyzed the internal mechanism which drives Nietzsche’s thought from beginning to end, and at the same time looked at his entire work as a whole in order to give meaning to the moves Nietzsche was doing. This mechanism, which stands behind the various tensions in Nietzsche’s thought, enabled to reveal the inter-relations among them and to bring them together into an overall interpretive framework.

Since then, I have expanded interest to other thinkers and to other areas. I am interested in analyzing cultural and social phenomena from a multidisciplinary perspective, examining the inter-relations among philosophy and other fields of knowledge, such as education, literature, cinema, psychology, sociology and the like.

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