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Liat Arlette Sides

Topic of her lecture at the Night of Philosophy in Israel 2023:


סיפור פשוט - חנות ספרים | שבזי 36
לבנטיניות - בתוך ומחוץ ללאומיות

עם עידן צבעוני | עופר נורדהיימר נור

Liat Arlette Sides teaches art and related fields in academic various settings. Her articles in the field of art, Levantine and culture were published in various academic platforms. She edited the book on the 20th anniversary of the movement "My sister - for women in Israel", the Mizrahi feminist movement (2020). She is the director and editor of the blog of the "Association for Women and Gender Art in Israel" and served as a member of its board until 2022. A book of her articles on Levantine will be published soon.


Position: Teaches and writes about art and culture in general, engages in research and writing about Levantine as a social and political position. 

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