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Ph. Steven Starr

Eva Illouz

Topics of her lectures at the Night of philosophy 2023:

פאנל פתיחה

מרפסת המכון הצרפתי בתל אביב | רוטשילד 7 – קומה 3

דמוקרטיה תחת איומים :דו-שיח ישראלי-צרפתי 

עם אלי בר-נביא | פייר בירנבאום | מרים רבו ד'אלון | ז'ולי סעדה

בצרפתית עם תרגום סימולטני לעברית


Panel Inaugural 

Toit-terrasse de l'Institut français de Tel Aviv | Rothschild 7

Menaces sur la démocratie : un dialogue croisé France-Israël 

with Elie Barnavi | Pierre Birnbaum | Julie Saada | Myriam Revault d’Allonnes

En français, traduction simultanée en hébreu


דת, זהות, מדינה: האם תיתכן דמוקרטיה יהודית? | בעברית

עם אלי בר-נביא


Eva Illouz is Directrice d'Etudes at the EHESS and a member of the Center of Rationality at Hebrew University.  She is also a Senior Research Fellow at the Van Leer Institute, at the Institute for Israeli Thought and visiting professor at the Wissenschaftzentrum, in Berlin. She is a past President of the Bezalel Academy of Arts.


Her research interests include sociology of culture, sociology of emotions, sociology of capitalism, and the effect of consumerism and mass media on emotional patterns. Eva Illouz is the author of 15 books about  the impact of capitalism on romantic love, Oprah Winfrey, culture, the crystallization of the psychological culture during the 20th century, the industry of happiness, and the transformation of emotion in modernity.

Her books have won numerous international awards and have been translated into 25 languages. In addition to her scholarly work, she writes for Le Monde, Der Spiegel, Die Zeit and Ha’aretz on various subjects such as literature, politics and social affairs.

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