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Ph. Ygal Bin-Nun ©Alex Zeiltlin

Dr. Muli Peleg


Topic of his lecture at the Night of philosophy 2023:


אולם 104 במכון הצרפתי בתל אביב | רוטשילד 7 – קומה 1

המעשה הדמוקרטי כפי שמשתקף בארגונים שמקדמים קיימות

עם יואב אגוזי | מנחה: מלי נבו


Dr. Peleg is a political sociologist who specializes in conflict analysis and conflict resolution processes, negotiation processes and sustainability. Before returning to Israel in 2019, he taught in the US for ten years, first as a Schusterman Professor at Rutgers University, New Jersey, and later at Columbia and Fordham Universities in New York. Dr. Peleg is a research fellow at the Stanford Center for International Conflict resolution and negotiation (SCICN). Muli is the author of articles and books about conflict analysis and resolution, violence, protest and dialogue. Among his publications are Spreading the Wrath of God: From Gush Emunim to Rabin Square (1997, Hebrew), Zealotry and Vengeance-quest of Religious Identity Group (2002, Lexington Books), If Words Could Kill: The Failure of Public Discourse in Israel (2003, Hebrew University Press), Fighting Terrorism in the Liberal State (2006, IOS Press), and Intercultural and Interfaith Dialogue for Peace (IGI Global 2016).


Professor Peleg specializes in negotiation processes and peace-building operations and has been a top advisor on leadership and negotiations to the Peres Center for Peace. In this capacity he had taken part in several rounds of peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians as well as Israelis and Jordanians. He has also counselled the Prime Minister’s office, the Foreign Office and the National Security Council. Currently, Professor Peleg serves as a Fellow and board member of The Martin Luther King-Realizing the Dream Foundation as well as serving on the advisory board of the Justice Project. In 2003, Dr. Peleg was a founding member of One Voice, an organization which promotes reconciliation between the various factions of the Israeli society as well as between Israelis and Palestinians. In 2005, Dr. Peleg was invited to participate in the terrorism research committee at the distinguished Club de Madrid. A year later, in May 2006, he won the NATO research award for the study of terrorism in liberal states. Dr. Peleg is one of the core group researchers of Peace Journalism, an ongoing project on a more balanced and contextualized media coverage of conflicts. Dr. Peleg has also been a senior adviser on negotiation, decision-making and leadership to several non-profit organizations such as Communities without Boundaries and the social protest movement in Israel and to business firms including Negotiated Solutions, Inc. and AIM strategies.


Finally, Muli is an accomplished poet, whose three poetry books won distinguished awards in his native country of Israel.

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