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Corine Pelluchon


Professor at Gustave Eiffel University (Paris Region)

Topic of her lecture at the Night of Philosophy in Israel 2021:

Rethinking the Enlightenment Today.
Ecology, Universalism and Emancipation
In English

A specialist in political philosophy and applied ethics (medical, environmental and animal) and a professor at Gustave Eiffel University, Corine Pelluchon is the author of a dozen books. She has developed a philosophy of corporeality that focuses on vulnerability and on our habitation of the Earth. This philosophy, which emphasizes the relational dimension of the subject, leads to the placing of ecology and the question of our relationship with animals at the heart of ethics and politics. In this work, which is part of the heritage of the Enlightenment while going beyond its dualistic foundations, ecology and the animal cause are never dissociable from the promotion of a new humanism. In 2020, she received the Günther Anders Prize for Critical Thinking in Germany for her whole work.

Latest publications: Éthique de la considération (Seuil, 2018, 2021); Réparons le monde. Humains, animaux, nature (Rivages, 2020); Les Lumières à l'âge du vivant, Seuil, 2021.



Main works: Leo Strauss, une autre raison, d'autres Lumières. Essai sur la crise de la rationalité contemporaine (Vrin, 2005); L'autonomie brisée. Bioethics and philosophy (PUF, 2009, 2014); Elements for an ethics of vulnerability. Les hommes, les animaux, la nature (Cerf, 2011); Les Nourritures. Philosophie du corps politique (Seuil, 2015); Manifeste animaliste. Politiser la cause animale (Alma, 2017); Éthique de la considération (Seuil, 2018, 2021); Pour comprendre Levinas. Un philosophe pour notre temps (Seuil, 2020); Réparons le monde. Humains, animaux, nature ( Rivages/poche, 2020); Les Lumières à l'âge du vivant ( Seuil, 2021).

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