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Ph. Rachel Verliebter @Axel Saxe

Rachel Verliebter


Topic of her lecture at the Night of Philosophy in Israel 2021:

Il était une foi en 2021
With Gaelle Hanna Serero 
In French

Rachel Verliebter grew up in Strasbourg, France. She is a psychotherapist at the Schneider Children’s hospital,  scholar of Jewish thought and translator. In her writings she explores the nexus between psychoanalysis, Jewish mysticism and art. She is currently completing her PhD in Jewish mysticism and is a Research Fellow at the Moussaieff Institute for Kabbalah Research, Bar-Ilan University.


Among her publications are:

La Mémoire en Action, Actes Sud, 2015                                                                           

Aboard the arch of motherland: On the Mystical Shabbat installation by Maya Zack, Eretz Acheret 77 (2014)                                                                                                                 

The Divine Feminine, Woman and Wheat: When Art meets Mystery, Without Flour, The Negev Museum of Art (2015)

In the Secret of the Moon: Tehilla, Yifat Bezalel:Tehilla, Tel Aviv Museum of Art (2016)

Apprehending Paradox: The Knowledge of Opposites is One in The Knowledge of Opposites is One: Chani Cohen Zada, The Artists House (2018)

Female Waters, For Heaven’s Sake!, The Jerusalem Biennale (2019)

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