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Abraham's intention to offer true hospitality to all travelers that come through our hostel’s doors played a major role in the crucial decision of the hotel's name. We draw our inspiration from Abraham, the father of monotheism and the first backpacker of the Middle East. Abraham was known for his hospitality with his tent flap always open to offer food, drink and rest and was the first truly regional traveler. Today, he marks a unifying symbol among the area’s most prominent faiths. These qualities made him a fitting representation of what we hope to bring to the world: unparalleled hospitality to our time and our guests.


These days, Abraham operates three hostels in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Nazareth. Our fourth hostel will be open in Eilat on the 1st of June. Located in Eilat’s city center, the location has many public transportation options and is just a 15-minute walk to the main beach promenade. The hostel welcomes up to 450 independent travelers each night. Guests' days are easily spent relaxing in the swimming pool, bar & lounge, and on the sandy beaches. Come party day & night in the hostel club and at Eilat’s famous nightlife scene.


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